Oak Tree Lament (STOP the HS2)

In mid-December the U.K. band Dirty Mavis released "Oak Tree Lament," (STOP the HS2) a protest ballad about HS2. By Christmas Eve the song had become the fourth most popular single on HMV, a U.K. download chart — ahead of the likes of Coldplay, according to the BBC. A review of the Top 40 Tracks on HMV on New Year's Day showed "Oak Tree Lament" at No. 1, with a live version of the same song holding the second position despite the song having received no radio airplay due to it being deemed to be ‘currently politically controversial’ under OFCOM rules.


Dirty Mavis filmed the music video for "Oak Tree Lament" in the bucolic fields of middle and northern England that the HS2 line threatens. "Well 30 billion is the cost, far way beyond belief," Davis sings. "And look across my valley, it's like a pound for every leaf." The song ends by tugging at the conscience of potential protestors who might not join the battle: "Did you fight to save this England?" they sing. "Did you stop the HS2?"


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