NEAHS2 is affiliated with the residents of Wells House Road in East Acton, which would back onto the major interchange planned for Old Oak Common as part of HS2 proposals. The residents of Wells House Road are angry that even if their homes are not demolished, there will be noise and vibration from trains around the clock as well as about eight years of building work which include widening the roads around their area and their homes being tunneled under.


One Wells House Resident has said: “I know there's a compensation scheme but we bought our houses here to make this our home, most of us have lived here for most of our lives, some of us were born here.”


NEAHS2 is greatly sceptical of the compensation scheme - see further under Compensation - which is very restrictive in its remit and first and foremost challenges HS2 altogether, both nationally and locally.


Wells House Road obtained BBC LDN coverage earlier on this year.


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Old Oak Common Interchange. The triangle in the foreground is Wells House Road