'The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbour' - Hubert H. Humphrey




There are many ways you can support us, besides donating money:


  • Attend our events - click on Upcoming Events link for more information


  • Distribute flyers and leaflets - if you would like to help this in your nearest street area please get in touch with our Campaign Co-ordinator Ed Pawley - tedpawley@hotmail.com


  • Write to your elected representatives. Tell them you will only vote for them if they oppose HS2 and fight for the only effective mitigation if it is constructed through Ealing - a tunnel:


Steve Pound - MP for Ealing North (LAB):



Angie Bray - MP for Ealing Central and Acton (CON):



Dr Onkar Sahota - London Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon (LAB):



Julian Bell - Ealing Council Leader (LAB)



David Millican - Ealing Opposition Leader (CON)



Bassam Mahfouz - Ealing Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment (LAB)



Your local councillors:


justin.anderson@ealing.gov.uk (CON Perivale)

edward.rennie@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Perivale)

sitarah.anjum@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Perivale)


jason.stacey@ealing.gov.uk (CON Greenford Green)

william.brooks@ealing.gov.uk (CON Greenford Green)

susan.emment@ealing.gov.uk (CON Greenford Green)


eileen.harris@ealing.gov.uk (CON Northolt Mandeville)

ara.iskanderian@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Northolt Mandeville)

chris.summers@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Northolt Mandeville)


benjamin.dennehy@ealing.gov.uk (IND Hanger Hill)

diana.pagan@ealing.gov.uk (CON Hanger Hill)

nigel.sumner@ealing.gov.uk (CON Hanger Hill)


patricia.walker@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Acton Central)

abdullah.gulaid@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Acton Central)

daniel.crawford@ealing.gov.uk (LAB Acton Central)


katherine.crawford@ealing.gov.uk (LAB East Acton)

atallah.said@ealing.gov.uk (LAB East Acton)

hitesh.tailor@ealing.gov.uk (LAB East Acton)



LEFT: Steam Locomotive (oil on canvas) by NEAHS2 Chairman Alex Nieora - what HS2 will NOT be!